EASO veröffentlicht seinen zweiten COI-Bericht zu Afghanistan: Strategien von Aufständischen gegen die Bevölkerung

Das EU-Unterstützungsbüro für Asylfragen (EASO) veröffentlichte seinen zweiten Herkunftsländerinformationsbericht. Der Bericht behandelt Strategien von Aufständischen in Afghanistan gegen die Bevölkerung (wie Einschüchterungen und gezielte Gewalt).

Aus der Pressemitteilung:

„The report examines strategies used by the Taliban and other insurgent groups to intimidate the population. These include: night letters; illegal checkpoints; collection of taxes; abduction; targeted killings; parallel justice systems; targeting of relatives, and ‘hit lists’. It is important to keep in mind that the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan is largely defined by historical underlying mechanisms: Local rivalries, power play and tribal feuds. The insurgents often use these mechanisms to their benefit but it also works in the other direction. There are regional differences in this campaign of intimidation and targeted violence, which vary for the range of targeted profiles studied in this report, which include: Government officials and employees; Afghan National Security Forces; Government supporters; collaborators and contractors; Afghans working for international military forces; Afghans working for international organisations, companies, NGOs and Afghan NGOs; persons classed as “spies”; journalists, media and human rights activists; educational staff or students; medical staff; construction workers; truck drivers and those judged as violating the Taliban’s moral code.“ (EASO Pressemitteilung, 6. Dezember 2012)

Der Bericht ist verfügbar unter:
EASO: Afghanistan – Insurgent strategies: intimidation and targeted violence against Afghans, Dezember 2012

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