Die 4. Ausgabe von The Researcher (Dezember 2006)

Der Researcher ist eine vierteljährliche Publikation des Refugee Documentation Centre (RDC) in Irland. Er umfasst akademische Analysen, Caselaw-Zusammenfassungen, Hinweise zu neuer Gesetzgebung, Berichte über Konferenzen, Artikel zu Dienstleistungen des RDC sowie Herkunftsländerinformationen.

RDC: „There has been a lot of change in recent months with the publication of the Scheme for an Immigration, Residence and Protection Bill, the coming into force of Subsidiary Protection and the making available by the Refugee Appeals Tribunal of previous Decisions.

This issue focuses on Subsidiary Protection. We are particularly grateful to Patricia Brazil, Barrister-at-Law and Lecturer in Law at Trinity College Dublin for her article, ‘Subsidiary Protection Under Irish Law’ and to Maria Maguire, Solicitor in Galway RLS for her contribution to our understanding of the same legislation, ‘A Positive Obligation to Protect’. I know that Refugee Legal Services are appreciative of Emilie Wiinblad Mathez of UNHCR for her training on Subsidiary Protection, which was given at short notice to them at the end of October. Emilie kindly agreed to publication of a summary of her training in this issue.

In addition, we are indebted to Dr Ronit Lentin of Trinity College Dublin for her socio-political critique, ‘Between Refugee and Citizen’. John Stanley BL examines The “IBC 05” Scheme and the Rights of Irish Citizen Children’. Also in this issue, Fr Michael Begley describes the education services of Spiritan Asylum Services Initiative (Spirasi). Bobby Pringle of the Dublin Mission of the International Organisation for Migration writes of the IOM’s newly launched project, the Directory of Return for Asylum Seekers (DORAS).

On the home front, RDC staff are well represented in this issue: Carol Doyle has written of COI Network III; Isabel Duggan gives us an update on RDC library books; Patrick Dowling writes of COI from the perspective of an armchair anthropologist; David Goggins investigates the question, ‘Who are the Janjaweed?’ and I look at two issues: the situation of Christians in Iraq and the crossing of the Gulf of Aden by 22,000 people in smugglers’ boats.

We would like to wish all our readers a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!“

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