EASO veröffentlicht zwei Berichte zu Afghanistan, weiteren zu Gambia

Das EU-Unterstützungsbüro für Asylfragen (EASO) veröffentlichte zwei Berichte zu Afghanistan und einen zu Gambia

Die beiden Berichte zu Afghanisten behandeln die Lage von Einzelpersonen: der Erste (122 Seiten) berichtet über gegen Einzelpersonen gerichtete Handlungen bewaffneter Akteure des Konflikts (Aufständische wie Regierungskräfte), der Zweite (153 Seiten) behandelt gesellschaftliche und rechtliche Normen und deren Auswirkungen auf bestimmte Gruppen:

„The reports were drafted by COI researchers from EASO in accordance with the EASO COI Report Methodology. The report was reviewed by COI researchers from Sweden and UNHCR. In addition, a review of the report was carried out by Afghanistan expert Neamat Nojumi and the Human Rights Service of the United Nations Assistance Mission to Afghanistan (UNAMA). [...]

Both reports discuss the situation and treatment of individuals by different actors in the conflict and in society. The report Individuals targeted by armed actors in the conflict deals with the modus operandi, methods and targeting strategies used by armed actors, both on the side of the insurgents as on the side of the government, in the context of the conflict and the possibilities for individuals to escape such targeting. The report Individuals targeted under societal and legal norms is focused on socio-legal structures and actors in society and how such elements treat issues such as crime, gender-based violence, harmful traditional practices, disputes, transgressions of social norms, and the possibility for individuals to avoid targeting. Special attention is paid to the situation of women throughout both reports, and a separate chapter covers certain issues affecting children.

Earlier this year, EASO already published a COI Report, titled Afghanistan – Key socio-economic indicators, state protection, and mobility in Kabul City, Mazar-e Sharif, and Herat City (August 2017). An update of the EASO COI Report Afghanistan – Security Situation (November 2016) is expected shortly.“ (EASO press release, 12 December 2017)

Die Berichte sind verfügbar unter:

EASO: Afghanistan – Individuals targeted by armed actors in the conflict, Dezember 2017

EASO: Afghanistan – Individuals targeted under societal and legal norms, Dezember 2017

Update 15. Dezember 2017:

EASO veröffentlichte einen Länderbericht zu Gambia. Er enthält Hintergrundinformationen, sowie Informationen zur Lage ehemaliger BeamtInnen und zur Menschenrechtslage :

„The EASO COI Country Focus report on The Gambia provides general background information on The Gambia, namely on geography, population, ethnic and religious groups, political and the judicial systems, together with the human rights situation in the country during the administration of Yayah Jammeh. The report also provides input on the latest developments under the new Gambian administration lead by President Adama Barrow, particularly concerning human rights.

The Gambia – Country Focus report was drafted by the Country of Origin Information (COI) unit of the Swiss State Secretariat for Migration (SEM) and reviewed by EASO and COI researchers from national asylum authorities represented in EASO’s West-Africa COI Network – Belgium, The Netherlands and Norway. In addition, an external review was carried out by Dr. David Perfect, Visiting Professor at the University of Chester-UK, researcher on The Gambia’s politics and history since the 1980s, and author of numerous publications on the country.“ (EASO press release, 13 December 2017)

Der 123-seitige Bericht ist verfügbar unter:

EASO: The Gambia – Country Focus, Dezember 2017

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