UNHCR report says forced displacement tops 50 million for first time in post-World War II era

UNHCR released its annual Global Trends report, covering displacement that occurred during 2013. the report says “the number of refugees, asylum-seekers and internally displaced people worldwide has, for the first time in the post-World War II era, exceeded 50 million people”.

ecoi.net launches community platform

ecoi.net launches a community platform allowing for the creation of online discussion forums. High quality COI contributes to fair and efficient procedures for international protection. The community platform shall foster discussion, knowledge sharing and networking among organisations and professionals active in the field of COI.

New ACCORD training manual now also available in Japanese

The revised edition of the training manual “Researching Country of Origin Information”, published by ACCORD in 2013, is now available in Japanese. It was translated by the Project of Compilation and Documentation on Refugees and Migrants (CDR), University of Tokyo.

USDOS publishes annual report on terrorism, Freedom House its annual report on Freedom of the Press, USCIRF on religious freedom

The US Department of State released its annual report on terrorism and Freedom House published its annual report Freedom of the Press.

The April 2014 issue of The Researcher

The Researcher is published two times a year by the Refugee Documentation Centre (RDC) in Ireland. It is a publication which combines academic papers, summaries of caselaw, guides to new legislation, reports of conferences, articles on RDC services and items of country of origin information.

UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office releases the 2013 human rights reports

The UK Foreign & Commonewalth Office released its annual report on human rights in selected countries, covering 2013. The first quarterly update to the report, covering developments from January to March 2014, was also released.

New ACCORD report on China

A new 356 pages COI compilation on China has been published by ACCORD.

UNHCR Asylum Levels and Trends 2013 in Industrialized Countries: Highest number of asylum applications since 2001

UNHCR released statistics on the number of asylum applications in 2013 in 44 industrialized countries, showing an increase by 28 per cent compared to 2012. Syria is now the top country of origin.

Featured topics on Afghanistan, Dagestan, Nigeria and Somalia updated

The featured topics on Afghanistan (security in Kabul), Nigeria (Boko Haram), the Russian Federation (security in Dagestan) and Somalia (al-Shabaab) have been updated.

US Department of State releases the 2013 human rights reports

The US Department of State released its Country Reports on Human Rights Practices, covering 2013.

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