International and transnational COI databases

Refworld is the protection information database managed by UNHCR for the purposes of making relevant information available to all persons involved in decision making on claims for international protection. With 1st January 2019, UNHCR stopped updating COI on English language Refworld and will revamp the system to focus on refugee case law, international treaties and national legislation, and policy documents. Refworld in Russian and Spanish continue to be updated with COI.

The COI Portal of the European Union Agency for Asylum (EUAA) provides selected COI authored by EU+ national asylum authorities, EUAA and other EU institutions (for example, the EU External Action Service) to assist asylum practitioners (COI researchers, caseworkers, decision and policy-makers, lawyers, legal aid providers and judges). The COI Portal is managed by EUAA in cooperation with EU+ states' national asylum authorities.

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