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New ACCORD report on Myanmar

A new 258 pages COI report on Myanmar has been published by ACCORD.

Freedom House publishes annual reports on Internet freedom and on rule of law

Freedom House published two annual reports, “Freedom on the Net” and “Countries at the Crossroads”.

USDOS publishes annual reports on religious freedom and on terrorism for 2011

The US Department of State released its annual report on international religious freedom. This is the first edition covering a calendar year. The Country Reports on Terrorism have also been published.

EASO publishes methodology and first COI report, on Afghanistan: Taliban Recruitment Strategies

The first COI report produced by the European Asylum Support Office (EASO) has been published. It focuses on Taliban recruitment strategies in Afghanistan. Along with the report, the EASO also published its methodology for COI reports.

ACCORD publishes report on COI-Workshop “Women in Chechnya” (German language only)

ACCORD published a report on the situation of women in Chechnya, based on lectures by the experts Uwe Halbach and Svetlana Gannushkina. The report is available in German language only.

AI releases Annual Report 2012, USDOS releases 2011 human rights reports

Amnesty International’s Annual Report 2012, as well as the US Department of State Country Reports on Human Rights Practice, both covering 2011, were released today.

Annual RSF report on Internet freedom, featured topics on Syria and Afghanistan updated

RSF has published the annual “Enemies of the Internet” report. And we updated the featured topics on Afghanistan and Syria.

Featured topic on Dagestan updated; Afghanistan: new ANSO website

The featured topic on Dagestan has been updated and the Afghanistan NGO Safety Office launched its new website, making available the ANSO reports.

HRW publishes World Report 2012

Human Rights Watch published its annual World Report, covering events in 2011. The introductory essay examines the Arab Spring.

New featured topic on Abyei (Sudan & South Sudan), update on Nigeria; new ACCORD-report on Myanmar

A new featured topic on the political and administrative status of the Abyei Area, disputed between Sudan & South Sudan, is available, and the featured topic on Nigeria has been updated. Additionally, a new 155 pages COI report on Myanmar has been published by ACCORD.

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