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Common EU Guidelines on (Joint) Fact Finding Missions published

The EU common guidelines on (Joint) Fact Finding Missions serve as a practical tool to assist EU member states in organizing Fact Finding Missions to gather Country of Origin Information. Click on “Read more” for details on these new Guidelines and to access them.

COI Training Manual translated to Italian

With the Italian version of the COI Training Manual, translated by the Consiglio Italiano Rifugiati (CIR), the manual is now available in seven languages.

Common EU Guidelines for processing Country of Origin Information (COI)

The Common EU Guidelines for processing Country of Origin Information (COI), April 2008

HHC publishes Study on Legal Requirements for Quality of COI in the EU

The Hungarian Helsinki Committee’s (HHC) study “Country Information in Asylum Procedures – Quality as a Legal Requirement in the EU” is published in the framework of the trans-national project “COI Network III – Training, Master Class, Good Practice”. It investigates how substantive quality standards of researching and assessing COI appear in the form of legal requirements in the EU.

Training manual “Researching Country of Origin Information” published

An updated (mainly: hyperlink-checking) version of the 2004 training manual on researching COI has been published and can be downloaded in 7 languages at the following address:

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