Further Developing Asylum Quality in the EU: manual & summary report

UNHCR published a summary report on its EU-funded project on quality of asylum procedures in nine EU member states. Additionally, a manual introducing to various elements necessary for a high quality asylum system provides annotated checklists as an aide to decision-makers.

The UNHCR-run project “Further Developing Asylum Quality in the EU” (FDQ) was funded by the European Refugee Fund (ERF) aimed at examining and developing quality assurance mechanisms in the asylum procedures of nine EU member states: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Slovakia.

“Overall, the FDQ Project has sought to work together with countries to help develop asylum systems in line with international refugee law and best practice as well as the instruments of the CEAS. However, it has also sought to ensure that those persons entitled to international protection receive it, and those who are not so entitled will not receive it.”

The project reports mentions Country of Origin Information (COI) in several contexts. The manual provides a checklist on COI, and COI is contained in several other checklists.

Click here to read the summary project report (UNHCR, September 2011).

Click here to read the manual “Building In Quality – A Manual on Building a High Quality Asylum System” (UNHCR, September 2011).

For more links to documents related to the FDQ project and previous project “Asylum Systems Quality Assurance and Evaluation Mechanism (ASQAEM)”, see the Forced Migration Current Awareness blog.

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