Featured topics on Afghanistan, Dagestan and Syria updated

The featured topics on Afghanistan, Dagestan and Syria have been updated.

ecoi.net’s featured topics offer an overview on selected issues in our focus countries. The information excerpted in our featured topics all comes from sources available on ecoi.net. You can access the featured topics via the country pages, or by using the following links:

Afghanistan: General Security Situation in Afghanistan and Events in Kabul

Dagestan: General Security Situation and Events in Dagestan

Syria: Political Unrests 2011/2012

Somalia: Al-Shabaab: Chronology of events since October 2011

Pakistan: Religious and sectarian violence since September 2011

Sudan & South Sudan: the status of the Abyei Area

The featured topic on Nigeria has been archived and is no longer updated. The archived copy is available here: Nigeria: post-election violence 2011

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