Posts from October 2011

New issue of “Forced Migration Review” on technology, includes an article on COI

Issue 38 of the Forced Migration Review covers the positive and negative aspects of the spread of modern technologies for researchers and agencies as well as for displaced people themselves. The issue also contains an article on access to good quality Country of Origin Information.

COI Training in Cairo

Today’s Face to Face Meeting in Cairo concludes a Blended Learning Course on Country of Origin Information commissioned by UNHCR.

New featured topic on Abyei (Sudan & South Sudan), update on Nigeria; new ACCORD-report on Myanmar

A new featured topic on the political and administrative status of the Abyei Area, disputed between Sudan & South Sudan, is available, and the featured topic on Nigeria has been updated. Additionally, a new 155 pages COI report on Myanmar has been published by ACCORD.

Further Developing Asylum Quality in the EU: manual & summary report

UNHCR published a summary report on its EU-funded project on quality of asylum procedures in nine EU member states. Additionally, a manual introducing to various elements necessary for a high quality asylum system provides annotated checklists as an aide to decision-makers.

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