New issue of “Forced Migration Review” on technology, includes an article on COI

Issue 38 of the Forced Migration Review covers the positive and negative aspects of the spread of modern technologies for researchers and agencies as well as for displaced people themselves. The issue also contains an article on access to good quality Country of Origin Information.

“New technologies are changing the environment in which we work, creating risks that we must not ignore while bringing opportunities for both displaced people and those who work on their behalf.”

Forced Migration Review is published by the Universtiy of Oxfords’s Refugee Studies Centre.

In his article “Country of Origin Information: old problems, modern solutions”, Marco Formisano (UNHCR) writes about the challenges and opportunities new technologies present in the field of COI.

“The current multitude of sources of information paradoxically renders access to good quality Country of Origin Information for refugee status determination procedures quite cumbersome.”

The article is available in the following formats:

You can access the full text of FMR 38 in HTML, PDF or audio format by following the links below:

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