November 2008 Issue of the Researcher

The Researcher is published three times a year by the Refugee Documentation Centre (RDC) in Ireland. It is a publication which combines academic papers, summaries of caselaw, guides to new legislation, reports of conferences, articles on RDC services and items of country of origin information.

The current issue features the following articles:

Is the Language Barrier a Problem for those Seeking Refugee Status in this Jurisdiction?
James Healy B.L.

The Immigration, Residence and Protection Bill 2008
Catherine Kenny, Refugee Information Service

Recent Developments in Immigration and Refugee Law
John Stanley BL, Mary Fagan RDC

Judgments of the Superior Courts and the Immigration, Residence and Protection Bill 2008
John Stanley BL

If there is a hell on Earth, the Danakil Depression in the Horn of Africa is a strong contender: Temperature, life, peril & geology in one of the world s hottest places
Patrick Dowling, RDC

Coverage of issues related to children in UK Home Office COI reports
Paul Daly, RDC

Access to Protection at Airports in Europe
Hungarian Helsinki Committee

Xenophobic Violence in South Africa
David Goggins, Investigates

RDC Library Journals
Zoe Melling, Librarian, RDC

The Refugee and Immigration Practitioners’ Network
Jacki Kelly, Solicitor

Here you may download the current issue of The Researcher:

The Researcher – Issue 11 (November 2008)

Articles and summaries contained in The Researcher do not necessarily reflect the views of the management of the Refugee Documentation Centre or of the Legal Aid Board.

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