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Featured topics on Afghanistan, Dagestan, Nigeria, and Somalia updated

The featured topics on Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Somalia have been updated.

[obosolete:] scheduled maintenance period: daily at 05:15 CET

Update 2018: With the relaunch of our system, there is no longer a daily mainenance period. introduces scheduled maintenance period: each day at 05:15 CET the database will be deactivated. The downtimes will range from a couple of minutes to about an hour. This blog will remain usable during the maintenance periods.

USCIS training module: Researching and Using Country of Origin Information in RAIO Adjudications

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has published a training module on researching and using COI for their asylum adjudicators. The document contains guidelines, examples and exercises for asylum decision-makers.

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