[obosolete:] ecoi.net scheduled maintenance period: daily at 05:15 CET

Update 2018: With the relaunch of our system, there is no longer a daily mainenance period.

ecoi.net introduces scheduled maintenance period: each day at 05:15 CET the ecoi.net database will be deactivated. The downtimes will range from a couple of minutes to about an hour. This blog will remain usable during the maintenance periods.

This change is necessary due to recent instabilities our system experienced because of heavy traffic loads during the daily indexing process. This process will now be performed while the database is deactivated. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Update 23 January 2014: We have moved to a new server and the downtime during the daily indexing should be reduced significantly. For the last week, that meant a maintenance period of about 5-8 minutes each day.

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