UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office releases the 2013 human rights reports

The UK Foreign & Commonewalth Office released its annual report on human rights in selected countries, covering 2013. The first quarterly update to the report, covering developments from January to March 2014, was also released.

This year’s edition introduces case studies on selected countries, in addition to the “countries of concern”:

Case studies were introduced as a way to report on countries that do not meet the overall threshold for a country of concern, but whose human rights performance we judge to be on a trajectory of change. The countries featured as cases studies in the 2013 Report will be subject to in-year monitoring and reporting (every six months). (FCO, 10 April 2014)

The chapters on countries of concern (section XI of the report), the updates for the first quarter of 2014, and selected case studies are now available on You can also read them on the UK government’s website:

(Post updated at 11:20, the chapters mentioned above are now available on

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