New issue of The Researcher and the USDOS releases the 2012 human rights reports

The Researcher is published two times a year by the Refugee Documentation Centre (RDC) in Ireland. It is a publication which combines academic papers, summaries of caselaw, guides to new legislation, reports of conferences, articles on RDC services and items of country of origin information. The US Department of State released its Country Reports on Human Rights Practices, covering 2012.

The USDOS reports are currently being uploaded on Additionally, we recently have added eight older editions of the USDOS human rights reports to, covering the years 1985 to 1992 for most countries. These reports come from printed editions provided by the Boston Public Library to, which scanned the books and applied automatic text recognition.

The April 2013 issue of The Researcher contains the following articles:

Anniversary of the forgotten Convention: The 1933 Refugee Convention and the search for protection between the world wars
Peter Fitzmaurice, Doctoral Fellow and Visiting Lecturer, Irish Centre for Human Rights

Interpretation in the Asylum Process
Carl Grainger, Protection Associate, UNHCR

Rape in India: “A Nation Awakens”
Patrick Dowling, Refugee Documentation Centre

The Rohingya of Myanmar: “The World’s Most Persecuted People”
David Goggins (RDC) Investigates

Examining the concept of discrimination within the asylum law arena
Theresa McAteer, Solicitor, Refugee Legal Service

Please download the current issue of The Researcher here: The Researcher – April 2013 Vol 8 Issue 1

Articles and summaries contained in the Researcher do not necessarily reflect the views of the RDC or of the Irish Legal Aid Board. Some articles contain information relating to the human rights situation and the political, social, cultural and economic background of countries of origin. These are provided for information purposes only and do not purport to be RDC COI query responses.

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