Joint Fact Finding Mission Report on Kurds in Syria

The report “Human rights issues concerning Kurds in Syria” is the product of a joint fact finding mission by the Danish Immigration Service (DIS) and ACCORD/Austrian Red Cross to Damascus/Syria, Beirut/Lebanon, and Erbil and Dohuk in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq in January/February 2010.

The necessity for the mission arose in the light of a significant rise in the number of Syrian asylum seekers of Kurdish origin in many countries across Europe, and, concurrently, a relative lack of relevant, current, accurate and reliable country of origin information on the issue. Therefore, the report focuses on various human rights aspects regarding the situation of Kurds in Syria, including the situation of persons who are politically active in different forms or display their Kurdish culture, the risk of reprisals against their relatives, the treatment of Kurdish activists during detention and after release, as well as the treatment of Kurds who have left Syria illegally upon their return to the country.

Furthermore, the report provides information on the Kurdish population’s access to selected basic commodities and the situation of the Yezidi minority in the country, and sheds light on the state of documentation and reporting on human rights violations. Finally, the report provides a brief insight into the situation of Syrian Kurds in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

You can download the report in English or German below:

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