EUAA publishes COI report on the security situation in Iraq

The European Asylum Agency (EUAA, formerly EASO) has published a COI report on the security situation in Iraq.

The 442 pages report updates an October 2020 report on the same topic.

The report was co-drafted by Cedoca, the COI unit of Belgium, by the Swedish Migration Agency, and by ACCORD. It was reviewed by the COI departments of Finland, France, Slovakia as well as by the Asylum Research Centre and EASO.

From the EUAA's press release:

“This report provides information on the security situation, armed actors, and the impact of conflict on civilians in Iraq between 1 August 2020 – 31 October 2021, as well as relevant context information in view of the assessment of international protection status determination for Iraqi asylum seekers, notably subsidiary protection and in particular for use in EUAA's country guidance development on Iraq (2022).

The report, EUAA COI Report – Iraq: Security Situation is a part of a series of Iraq reports produced in 2021-2022 and should be read in conjunction with the EASO COI Report – Iraq: Key socio-economic indicators published in November 2021 and the EUAA COI Report – Targeting of Individuals published in January 2022.“ (EUAA, 23 Februar 2022)

The report is available at:

EUAA: Iraq; Security Situation, Jänner 2022

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