survey 2021: Your suggestions on sources

This post discusses suggestions made in our user survey concerning sources.

The post is part of a series on suggestions we received during our 2021 user survey.

The suggestions on sources can be broken down into the following categories:

  • Sources that are already part of our collection
    Users suggested the addition of several sources that are already among those we regularly cover (such as the International Crisis Group, or political foundations in Germany, as well as IRIN, now named The New Humanitarian). You can find a list of the sources which we regularly cover in this list: Our sources. The list includes information on what publications we are covering from each source, as well as for which countries we cover each source. If you think we should cover more publications or more countries for a specific source in this list, please let us know.
  • Publications with restricted access
    Some sources were suggested that do not publish their products in an unrestricted manner. For instance, some, if not most, reports from the German Foreign Office are classified. Only a few MedCOI reports are available on, because most MedCOI reports are restricted. MedCOI is a service by EASO for first instance migration authorities. We can only publish those MedCOI reports that are publicly accessible. For many reports from the COI unit of the Austrian Federal Office for Immigration and Asylum that are available on you need an account with the appropriate access rights.
    If you have no access to certain publications available on or that are restricted, even though you should have, please contact us.
  • New sources
    Several new specific sources were suggested. Additionally, several users think we should generally cover more media sources. One issue we are facing regarding media sources is the increasing use of paywalls. We will have a look at these suggestions and see what we can do and how they fit within our country priorities.

We would like to thank the survey participants for their valuable input.

If you have questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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