Posts from January 2014

Handbook on the verification of user-generated content for journalists and aid responders released

The European Journalism Center released a handbook on the verification of digital content, which is freely available online. While it is primarily targeted at journalists and aid responders, it provides valuable advice for anyone researching user-generated content / social media.

Freedom House publishes annual report on political rights and civil liberties in 2013

Freedom House published its annual report, “Freedom in the World 2014″. Some country chapters are already available online.

HRW publishes World Report 2014

Human Rights Watch published its annual World Report, covering events in 2013.

Featured topics on Afghanistan, Dagestan, Nigeria and Somalia updated

The featured topics on Afghanistan (security in Kabul), Nigeria (Boko Haram), the Russian Federation (security in Dagestan) and Somalia (al-Shabaab) have been updated.

EDAL Conference 2014: Reflections on the Current Application of the EU Asylum Acquis

The Irish Refugee Council is organising a conference on the Common European Asylum System on 17 & 18 January in Dublin.

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