New reports on Afghanistan and Pakistan: ACCORD on Afghanistan; EASO on Pakistan; BFA Staatendokumentation on both countries

ACCORD published the documentation of a seminar with two experts on Afghanistan. EASO published a report on the security situation in Pakistan. And the COI Department of the Austrian Federal Office for Immigration and Asylum published a dossier on the foundations of the clan & tribal structure in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

You can read the publications here: (a version of the BFA’s AfPak report in English language is expected soon)

ACCORD – Austrian Centre for Country of Origin and Asylum Research and Documentation: Afghanistan; Dokumentation des Expertengespräches mit Thomas Ruttig und Michael Daxner vom 4. Mai 2016, June 2016

BFA Staatendokumentation (Austrian Federal Office for Immigration and Asylum, COI unit): AfPak – Grundlagen der Stammes- & Clanstruktur, July 2016

EASO – European Asylum Support Office: Pakistan Security Situation, July 2016

Update 1 August 2016: the AIHRC released a report on civilian casualties in Afghanistan (covering March 2015 – March 2016):

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