New: Extended country pages

We are pleased to introduce an improvement to country pages on

The new country pages provide a better overview of the information available. The first extended country page is now public for Afghanistan. Currently we are working on Iran [Update 14 June 2022: Iran's extended country page is online]. Somalia and Iraq are planned for 2022 as well [Update 29 September 2022: Iraq's extended country page is online; Update 17 February 2023: as are Somalia and Syria]. We aim to offer extended country pages for all countries of priority "A". Individual elements will also be used for lower priority countries.

Elements of the extended country pages are

  • Country briefing
    A country briefing provides a quick introduction to the most important issues relevant with regard to international protection, as well as suggested links for an search.
  • Map collection
    The collection of maps provides a thematically structured access to maps available on
  • As before, particularly important publications, the featured topics, as well as current positions of UNHCR or the EUAA are highlighted.
  • Furthermore, the list of important documents, links to country profiles and a collection of national laws will be available on the country page further on. We are working to structure the latter thematically in the future, in a way similar to the new map collection. For selected countries there is also a "law guide" that explains how best to research laws for the respective country.

If you have questions or want to share feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us:

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