June 2009 Issue of The Researcher

The Researcher is published three times a year by the Refugee Documentation Centre (RDC) in Ireland. It is a publication which combines academic papers, summaries of caselaw, guides to new legislation, reports of conferences, articles on RDC services and items of country of origin information.

The current issue features the following articles:

Recent Issues in Family Reunification Under Irish Law
Patricia Brazil LLB, MLitt, Barrister-at-Law

UNHCR Guidance Note on Refugee Claims relating to Female Genital Mutilation
Manuel Jordão, UNHCR Representative

An Analysis of Recent Caselaw on the Assessment of Documentation and Country of Origin Information in the Asylum Process
Aideen Collard, B.L.

Recent Developments in Refugee and Immigration Law
John Stanley, B.L.

Mapping Integration – UNHCR’s Age, Gender and Mainstreaming Project on Refugee Integration in Ireland
Emilie Wiinblad Mathez, Protection Officer, UNHCR Ireland

The Italian Asylum Procedure – Some Problematic Aspects
Maria Cristina Romano, Member of ASGI, ELENA co-ordinator for Italy

Are There Enough Procedural Safeguards Foreseen in Administrative Limitation of Movement?
A comparison between procedural safeguards provided for in detention of asylum seekers and custody of suspects in criminal proceedings in Slovenia

Vita Habjan, Legal-informational Center for Non-governmental Organizations – PIC

The Killing Fields: the plight of suicide among India’s farmers
Patrick Dowling, RDC

Please download the current issue of The Researcher here:

The Researcher – Issue 13 (June 2009)

Articles and summaries contained in The Researcher do not necessarily reflect the views of the management of the Refugee Documentation Centre or of the Legal Aid Board.

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