EASO publishes 3 COI reports on Somalia

The European Asylum Support Office (EASO) has published three COI repors on Somalia.

The reports have been drafted partly by ACCORD and EASO. They were reviewed by the Danish Immigration Service, the Greek Asylum Service, the Netherland's COI unit, Landinfo, Dr. Ken Menkhaus and Joakim Gundel (please look into the individual reports to see who was involved in which report).

From EASO’s press release:

The first report is titled Somalia: Targeted profiles, the second one Somalia: Key socio-economic indicators and the third one Somalia: Security situation. These reports are part of a series of four COI reports on Somalia that have been produced in 2021. They build upon the preceding EASO COI report on Somalia: Actors (July 2021). They should be read in conjunction with one another. This series of COI reports provide relevant information on international protection status determination for Somali asylum seekers and will be used in the development of EASO country guidance note on Somalia.” (EASO, 20 September 2021)

The reports are available at:

The earlier EASO report on Somalia complementing them is available at:

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