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Since going online in 2001 became the most comprehensive public and free of charge portal of country of origin information for all parties involved in refugee status determination procedures. stands for quality and currency. Currently the portal is updated with more than 1,200 documents per month. We constantly strive to improve our services and  implemented new technologies and advanced search tools.Improved Search Functions

Our new search tool facilitates access to information available on The full text of almost all documents is searchable. Boolean operators, wildcards, a fuzzy search, a search for phrases as well as the possibility to group search terms allows you to specify your search query and to increase the number of results relevant for your research. You may further restrict your search to a specific source, type of document, language of document or date.

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As a registered user you profit from additional features allowing you to adapt to your specific needs. Our alert system provides you with weekly updates on the latest developments and newly added documents on for a set of countries of your choice. You may assort relevant documents of a research in a basket in order to have them clearly arranged and to easily access them. You may save especially important documents to your own file folder. Registration is free of charge.

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Further Developments and Feedback

Several developments are still planned for the coming weeks, including additional search functions as well as extra features for registered users.

Although numerous tests were carried out over the past weeks we cannot exclude the possibility of any errors occurring. Please excuse any inconvenience caused by such problems and do not hesitate to report any bugs to us.

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