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Ethnic groups and topography

A 2012 CIA country profile contains maps on ethno-linguistic groups, population density, mountains, major roads and water bodies:

An atlas published by the Austrian ministries for interior and defense in 2018 contains maps on topography, ethnic and religious groups:

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Administrative divisons: Districts

UN OCHA published a series of reference maps on Afghanistan's districts. Please also see the following note ba Afghanistan Analysts on issues relating to the official number of Afghan districts: AAN, 16. August 2018.

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The Afghan government released the following publication on land use in Afghan cities, jointly with UN Habitat in 2015:

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AIMS maps

The Afghanistan Information Management Services (AIMS) several years ago published comprehensive and detailed maps on Afghanistan. The collection includes background maps, for instance on vegetation and weather or geology, as well as detailed maps on the districts (at the time). Unfortunately, these maps are no longer available online from AIMS. However, the links to the AIMS maps available on can at least in most cases be used in the Wayback Machine of the Internet Archive to gain access to the maps there.

More maps

More maps and infographics with the option to use filters can be found in the search: Afghanistan maps on Please note that the recognition of text in graphical documents such as maps often does not work well. This means that place names often can't be found in the full-text search, even when the name is visible on a map.