Suspect Arrested In Killing Of Deputy Chief Of Mobilization In Krasnodar, Russia

Russia’s Investigative Committee says a suspect in the killing of Stanislav Rzhitsky, deputy chief of the department for mobilization in Krasnodar, has been detained.

The Investigative Committee identified the detainee as Sergei Denisenko and said a pistol with a silencer believed to have fired the fatal shot was found with him.

No other details were released.

Rzhitsky, 42, was killed on July 10 in Krasnodar while jogging. The assailant fired several shots from a pistol and struck Rzhitsky four times. He died at the scene.

Rzhitsky commanded the submarine Krasnodar in the Russian Navy. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the Krasnodar is a diesel-electric submarine built for the Black Sea fleet and designed "to fight surface ships and submarines, lay mines, and conduct reconnaissance."

The Krasnodar is equipped with Kalibr cruise missiles, and Ukrainian media claimed that the vessel participated in the shelling of Vinnytsya in July last year, firing its Kalibr cruise missiles from the Black Sea.

In addition, a person with the same name is included in the database of a Ukrainian website that collects data on war crimes in the Russian Army.

It claims that he was the commander of the Alrosa submarine and was directly involved in the military invasion of Ukraine. It is unclear when Rzhitsky left the submarine fleet for the post of deputy head of the department for mobilization work in Krasnodar.

With reporting by Reuters