Information on pro-Iraq Ba'ath Party, Lebanon [LBN2101]

The Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party of Lebanon (Hizb al-Ba'ath al Arabi al-Ishtirabi) split into two factions in the mid-seventies, one faction backing the Syrian forces which initially supported Christian militias, while the other faction supported Iraq. [ World Encyclopedia of Political Systems and Parties, (New York: Facts on File, 1987), p.673.] However, in 1975-76 both factions reportedly formed part of the left-wing National Movement of Lebanon, which sought major social changes within Lebanon. [ Political Parties of the World, (Detroit: Gale Research Company, 1984), p. 276.] According to 1984 and 1989 reports, the leader of the pro-Iraq faction of the Ba'ath party of Lebanon has been Abdel Magid al Rafei [ Ibid.] or Abd Al-Majid Rafei. [ Europa Year Book 1989, (London: Europa Publications, 1989), p. 1619.] (LBR) Liberia / Libéria