Information regarding treatment of journalists or newspaper publishers. [MEX4091]

Regarding freedom of the press in Mexico, Freedom in the World: Political Rights and Civil Liberties 1987-1988 (Gastil, R. D., Freedom House, 1988) p.353, indicated that "Free of overt censorship, papers are subject to government "guidance"."

For its part the Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 1988 (United States Department of State, Washington, D.C.: February 1988) pp.635-636, stated "During 1988 several journalists died violently or under suspicious circumstances in which, according to the media, retaliation for coverage of local and national problems such as drug trafficking and corruption may have been a motive. These include the April 20 murder of popular Tijuana investigative reporter Hector Felix "El Gato" Miranda; the February 22 murder of Mazatlan journalist, lawyer, and university professor Manuel Burgueno Orduno; and the July 15 incident which took the life of Ciudad Juarez television personality Linda Bejarano." In addition to these journalists, Attacks on the Press 1988, A Worldwide Survey, (Committee to Protect Journalists, March 1989) p. 64, indicated that editor of El Mundo was "shot to death in his office. An initial government report suggested that personal revenge was the motive, but some journalists say he may have been killed for his journalism." The same survey added that Carlos Duenas of Hispanic Broadcasting Co. was "shot and seriously injured by unknown assailants while in his car. Motive unknown."

Finally to provide you with an overview on freedom of the press in Mexico in the last ten years please refer to the attached excerpts of Information, Freedom and Censorship, (Longman, London, 1988, pp. 98-103.)