National Front For the Salvation of Libya, (National Libyan Salvation Front and/or NFSL). [LBY1302]


The NFSL is a group determined to "liberate Libya and save it from Gadaffi's rule" and replace the present regime with a democratically elected government. [ Degenhardt, H., Revolutionary and Dissident Movements An International Guide, (Essex: Longman Press, 1988)p. 226.] In 1987 the NFSL was considered the most "vociferous opposition" to the Gadaffi regime by Africa Confidential. [ "Libya: Blind Confidence", Africa Confidential, 18 February 1987, (London: Africa Confidential Publications, 1987).]

The NFSL was founded in Khartoum, Sudan in October 1981 by Dr. Mohamed al-Mughariaf. [ Degenhardt p. 226. and "Libya: Terror Reigns", Africa Confidential, 25 April 1984, (London: Africa Confidential Publications, 1984), p. 2.]

Its Headquarters have been in Sudan, Morocco and as of 1987 were in Iraq. [ "Libya: Blind Confidence", February 1987.]

Its financial support has come from among others the USA and Saudi Arabia. [ Ibid.]

The NFSL has been active in organizing demonstrations in a number of European countries, including Britain, and has participated in meetings held in Egypt. [ Degenhardt, p. 226.] The Libyan regime has had a policy of "liquidating" its opponents and attacks have taken place in several Western European counties, as well as in Egypt and the USA. [ Amnesty International, Violations of Human Rights in the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya (London: Amnesty International Publications, 1984),
p. 2.] Amnesty International has documented these attacks and the relevant sections of Violations of Human Rights in the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya (1984), LIBYA summary of Amnesty International Prisoner Concerns (1987) and LIBYA: Further Attacks On Exiled Political Opponents (1987) are attached. Various newspaper sources regrading attacks against Libyans outside of Libya are also appended. No information is available to the IRBDC at this time regarding the presence of the NFSL in Canada.

Revolutionary and Dissident Movements indicates that the NFSL has often worked with the "General Students Organization" (see attached section from the Revolutionary and Dissident movements), which is active in organizing protests against the Gadaffi regime.