Two Ukrainian Troops Killed, Eight Wounded In East Part Of Country

Two Ukrainian soldiers were killed and eight wounded from projectile fire on March 10 in the eastern part of the country where a war has raged since 2014 with Russia-backed separatists.

Ukraine’s military said that an anti-tank missile struck a military truck near the town of Pisky in the Donetsk region.

One soldier inside the truck was killed immediately and another died from his wounds later. Seven service members were wounded as well, the Joint Operations Forces reported in a daily briefing.

Another soldier was wounded from shelling at a different juncture of the front line the same day.

Fifteen Ukrainian service members were killed in January-February and more than 13,000 people have been killed between March 2014 and October 31, 2019.

The war in Ukraine has uprooted more than 1.5 million people from their homes in the easternmost regions of Donetsk and Luhansk.

The conflict started after Russia invaded and occupied Ukraine’s Crimea Peninsula in early 2014.

Russia denies involvement in the eastern Ukrainian conflict and insists it is a civil war.