Moscow Prosecutor Seeks Lengthy Prison Term For Police Officer Who Kept $120 Million Cash At Home

The prosecutor in a high-profile case has requested a guilty verdict and a prison sentence of 15 1/2 years for a Moscow police officer found with the equivalent of $120 million in cash at home.

The prosecutor also asked a Moscow court on May 14 to impose a 494.9 million-ruble ($7.5 million) fine on Colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko and strip him of his rank and all decorations he received while serving in the Interior Ministry's anti-corruption directorate.

Zakharchenko's trial started in August last year. He is charged with several instances of bribe-taking and obstruction of justice.

Zakharchenko, 41, was acting deputy chief of a directorate branch when he was arrested in September 2016 after investigators found $120 million in various currencies in his Moscow apartment.

Based on reporting by Dozhd, Meduza, and TASS