Rwanda - Information on the 12 individuals listed in the letter dated 10 December 2003 addressed to the President of the UN Security Council by the Permanent Representative of Rwanda at the UN (S/2003/1164) (available at namely:-1. Col. Aloys Ntiwiragaba, alias Omar, based in the Sudan. 2. Col. Mudacumura (Commander of FOCA). 3. Ndayambaje Aimable, alias Limbana (commanded the Bwindi operation). 4. Nizeyimana Wenceslas (Major), based in Kampala. 5. Hakizabera Christopher (Brussels). 6. Nshimiyimana Alexis (Vienna). 7. Kanyamibwa Felicien(United States of America). 8. Higiro Jean Marie Vianney (United States of America). 9. Mujyambere. 10. Hakizimana Appollinaire. 11. Mungu Seraphin. 12. Gaston Iyamuremye. In particular, whether any of them or of their family members have suffered any human rights abuses in Rwanda or outside Rwanda at the hands of the Rwandese authorities.