WHO calls for protection of health workers amid ongoing conflict in Sudan

11 March 2019 – As the civil unrest in Sudan continues, WHO expresses extreme concern about reports of attacks on health staff, and is working to verify this information.

“People in Sudan, including vulnerable migrants, refugees, and displaced populations are in urgent need of health care services. Health staff in Sudan are already working under extremely challenging conditions. In situations such as this, we cannot afford health workers to be at further risk,” said Dr Naeema Al Gasseer, WHO Representative in Sudan.

Since the beginning of 2019, increasing violence in Sudan has resulted in greater numbers of injured civilians requiring life-saving care. It is imperative that doctors and other health staff are protected so that they can continue their work without obstruction, and without risk to their own personal safety. Earlier this year, the Federal Ministry of Health committed to protecting health facilities and health professionals, and assuring access for all people, including those inured, to health services.

WHO once again calls on all parties in Sudan to respect the sanctity of health care and the basic principles of human rights laws, so that health care can be provided to all who need it, unhindered by violence.