Belarusian Opposition Party Spokeswoman Ordered To Leave Country

November 14, 2018 16:04 GMT

MINSK -- The press secretary of an opposition party in Belarus, a Russian citizen, says she has been ordered to leave the country.

Anna Krasulina, spokeswoman for the United Civil Party (AHP), told reporters in Minsk on November 14 that Belarusian migration officials demanded a day earlier that she leave Belarus for one year by November 30.

The officials told her she must leave to "secure public order," said Krasulina.

According to Krasulina, the reasons migration officials cited for her expulsion included a single unpaid ride on public transport -- though she said she has already paid a fine for that -- and participation in two unsanctioned demonstrations in 2016 and 2017.

Krasulina, who has been the AHP press secretary since 2011, said she will appeal the decision.

Krasulina, a native and citizen of Russia, says she no longer has ties with Russia.

She moved to Belarus in 2002 and her husband and children are Belarusian citizens. Her parents moved to Belarus many years ago.

Her permanent residency status in Belarus expires on January 30, 2019.