India, Pakistan Trade Accusations After Deadly Kashmir Gunfire

India and Pakistan traded accusations after an exchange of gunfire killed four Indian soldiers and a Pakistani civilian along the highly fortified Line of Control (LoC) that divides the disputed region of Kashmir.

An Indian official on February 4 said Pakistan started firing artillery and small arms at Indian positions, while a Pakistani official blamed the Indian forces, saying they ignited the violence by firing onto the Pakistani side.

Both sides said their forces only fired in retaliation after receiving incoming shells and gunfire.

Officials said two Pakistani children and two Indian soldiers were also injured in the exchange of fire.

India and Pakistan regularly accuse one another of violating a 2003 cease-fire accord. Cross-border fire frequently results in the deaths of civilians and soldiers on both sides.

Two of the three wars that the nuclear-armed neighbors have fought have been over Kashmir, which is claimed by both India and Pakistan since they won independence from Britain in 1947.

Based on reporting by AP, The Times Of India, and Dawn