The Constitution of the Republic of Moldova of July, 29, 1994

Published in Monitorul Oficial al R. Moldova, N1, July, 18, 1994

as amended on June 29, 2006


Title II: Fundamental Rights, Freedoms and Duties

Chapter I: General Provisions


Article 17

Citizenship of the Republic of Moldova

(1) The citizenship of the Republic of Moldova can be acquired, retained or lost only under the conditions provided for by the organic law.

(2) No one may be deprived arbitrarily of his/her citizenship or the right to change it.

(3) No citizen of the Republic of Moldova can be extradited or expelled from his/her country.

(4) Foreign or stateless citizens may be extradited only in compliance with an international agreement or under conditions of reciprocity in consequence of a decision of a court of law.

Article 18

Citizenship Restrictions and State Protection for Its Nationals

(1) Except in those cases where international accords adhered to by the Republic of Moldova have different provisions, no citizen of the Republic of Moldova may be simultaneously a citizen of another country.

(2) The citizens of the Republic of Moldova shall enjoy the protection of their State both at home and abroad.

Article 19

Rights and Duties of Aliens and Stateless Persons

(1) Except in cases where the law has different rulings aliens and stateless persons shall enjoy the same rights and shall have the same duties as the citizens of the Republic of Moldova.

(2) The right to asylum shall be granted and denied by rule of law in compliance with those international treaties the Republic of Moldova is a party to.