Information on the procedures that must be followed to obtain an exit visa, particularly for members of the armed forces [CUB14063]

As indicated in previous Responses to Information Requests (such as CUB11570 and CUB11569 of 21 Aug. 1992, and CUB12848 of 18 Jan. 1993), the Embassy of Cuba in Ottawa has repeatedly stated to the DIRB that Cubans must obtain their passports and visas from the Immigration Directorate (Dirección de Inmigración), and that each application is evaluated on an individual basis. Response to Information Request CUB11569 also states that a person who has had access to restricted information may not be allowed to leave Cuba.

Recent (1993) information prviding details or information additional to that contained in the above text and attached Responses could not be found among the sources currently available to the DIRB.


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