Country Report on Terrorism 2009 - Chapter 2 - Liberia

Despite limited resources, inadequately trained personnel, and a weak judicial system – products of 14 years of civil war – the Government of Liberia demonstrated a willingness to cooperate with the United States and the international community to combat terrorism. Through rule of law and security sector reform assistance programs, the United States supported a number of initiatives that addressed Liberia's vulnerabilities, which included porous borders, rampant identification document fraud, lax immigration controls, wide-scale corruption, and underpaid law enforcement, security, and customs personnel.

The Government of Liberia took steps to improve security at the Freeport of Monrovia, and the U.S. Coast Guard certified the port compliant under the International Port Security Program. The Transportation Security Administration worked with the Liberia Civil Aviation Authority to improve security at Roberts International Airport in order to make it compliant under the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). However, at year's end, RIA remained ICAO non-compliant.