Information on student riots of 1988 and current status of student movement; general information on Burma [BUR1242]

Attached is a copy of Keesing's Record of World Events, (London, Longman Publishing Group), pages 36221-36225, giving a detailed account of student riots in Burma since September 1987.
The major confrontation between students and government forces occurred during a series of demonstrations involving students which took place in Rangoon during the month of September 1988. Following the military coup that brought Saw Maung to power on 18 September 1988, student demonstrations were violently suppressed by the armed forces. According to some reports, more than one thousand deaths occurred when troops opened fire on the demonstrating crowds. [ "Inside Bloody Burma", in Newsweek, 3 October 1988, pp. 30-32.] Four hours after taking power, Saw Maung established a strict nighttime curfew and banned all gatherings of more than four people. [ Urgent Action, (London, Amnesty International), 15 December 1988.] It is reported that participants in small demonstrations which took place outside Rangoon following the imposition of the curfew were detained by government forces. Urgent Action, (London, Amnesty International), 22 November and 13 December 1988.
Thousands of students left the country fearing reprisals by the government; many fled to Thailand, from where they were later forcibly returned. [ "Opening up to the World", in Asiaweek, 3 February 1989, pp. 27-29.] Various reports indicate that students returning to Burma under a government amnesty were detained and tortured; at least one died soon after his release. ["Opening up to the World", p. 28; "A Darkening Scene", in Far Eastern Economic Review, 24 November 1988, pp. 40-41, and Urgent Action, 12 January 1989.]

Street demonstrations in Burma are reported to have resumed six months after the events following the military coup of September 1988, but on a smaller scale. For the latest report on student political activities, please see the attached source:

On the march again", from Far Eastern Economic Review, 13 April 1989, p. 19).
Also attached, for information on the student unrest and general information on Burma, the following documents:

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