Language used in police notices in Karachi. [PAK5513]

According to the Pakistan High Commission in Ottawa, the language used in police notices issued by Karachi offices is either Urdu or English, and sometimes Sindhi (the provincial official language) [ Telephone conversation of 2 May 1990.]. This information was corroborated by the Pakistan specialist of the Ottawa Citizen, who added that English was often used in police notices due to the fact that many people in cosmopolitan Karachi (mostly recent immigrants) do not speak Urdu [ Telephone conversation of 1 May 1990.]. A Pakistani academic, prominent member of the Pakistani community in Montréal, also indicated that English is often used in police notices, even if police forces are under the jurisdiction of the province assembly which made Sindhi, along with Urdu, the official language of administration in the province [ Telephone conversation of 2 May 1990.].

This information could not be corroborated by the published sources available to the IRBDC in Ottawa.