Information on the physical distance between the Daniel Alcides Carrion hospital and the San Juan de Dios hospital in Lima, on whether both of these hospitals have an emergency ward and on what type of patients they tend to [PER20318.E]

According to an official from the Embassy of Peru in a telephone interview, the hospital San Juan De Dios is a sort of extension of the Carrion hospital located in El Callao, a district in East Lima (7 Apr. 1995). The official also stated that there is another hospital named San Juan de Dios, located in the Carretera Central (main road), and specializing in child care (ibid.).

In a telephone interview, the radio operator of the hospital Carrion confirmed that the San Juan de Dios and the Carrion hospitals, both national hospitals, form the same entity and are located on Avenida Venezuela in the suburb of Bellavista, district of El Callao, in the western part of Lima (10 Apr. 1995). Both hospitals have an emergency ward and practice general medicine (ibid.).

The radio operator corroborated the existence of a private clinic for child care named San Juan de Dios, which is located in the Carretera Central, exit km«, in the district of Chosica in the eastern part of Lima. The clinic practices general medicine for children from birth to approximately 15 years of age (ibid.). According to the radio operator, the clinic has also an emergency ward.

The physical distance between the Daniel Alcides Carrion national hospital and the clinic San Juan de Dios is approximately 20 km, stated the radio operator.

Considering auto traffic in Lima and the time of day when the distance is covered, the trip between the two institutes can be estimated at between 20 and 40 minutes, reported the radio operator.

Using the scale on both maps attached to this response, the calculated distance is closer to 15 km.

Please find attached various city maps of the Lima area. These maps do not point out the specific location of each hospital but provide the necessary information as to the streets and neighborhoods where they are situated and the physical distances that separates them.


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