Current treatment of members of the Union of Forces for Change (UFC); the July 1999 peace accord and whether it has brought protection and freedom to political opposition members [TGO35699.E]

Various sources refer to a 29 July 1999 agreement signed between the government and opposition parties to end a political crisis in their country (Country Reports 1999 2000, Sect. 2 d; PANA 23 July 2000; BBC 30 July 1999; IRIN 24 July 2000). According to a 30 July 1999 IRIN report, "the parties to the dialogue have agreed to transcend the past and look toward the future."

Describing the terms of the 29 July 1999 agreement, Country Reports 1999 wrote the following:

On July 19, the long-awaited dialog between the Government and the opposition commenced. After 10 days, all sides signed an accord called the "Lomé Framework Agreement." The accord included a pledge by President Eyadema that he would respect the Constitution and not seek another term as President after his current one expires in 2003. The President also agreed to dissolve the National Assembly in March 2000 and hold new legislative elections to be supervised by an independent national election commission. The legislative elections are to use the single-ballot method to protect against some of the abuses of past elections. The accord also provided for the status of former heads of state, political leaders, and the opposition. In addition, the accord addressed the rights and duties of political parties and the media, the safe return of refugees, and the security of all citizens. The accord also contained a provision for a compensation plan for victims of political violence (2000, Sect. 2 d.)

Recent sources revealed that two parties have set up the independent national electoral commission (commission électorale nationale indépendante-CENI) and have designated Ahoomey Zounon of the Pan-African Patriotic Conversion, an opposition party, as CENI chairman (IRIN 24 July 2000; ibid. 12 July 2000; PANA 23 July 2000).

Reacting to such development, France, Germany, the European Union and the International Francophone Organization who act as facilitators in the inter-Togolese dialogue indicated that "the designation of the INEC chairman was a 'step forward' in the implementation of the framework agreement of the Lomé concluded [on] 29 July 1999 by the opposition and Eyadema's [Togolese president] coalition" (PANA 23 July 2000; IRIN 24 July 2000).

No information on whether the 29 July 1999 "framework agreement" has brought protection and freedom to political opposition members nor on treatment of members of the Union of Forces for Change (UFC) by Togolese authorities could be found among the sources consulted by the Research Directorate.

This Response was prepared after researching publicly accessible information currently available to the Research Directorate within time constraints. This Response is not, and does not purport to be, conclusive as to the merit of any particular claim to refugee status or asylum. Please find below the list of additional sources consulted in researching this Information Request.


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