Law on Civil Servants (2001) (excerpts)

Law on Civil Servants of former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (excerpts)
(OGRM No: 59/00, 112/00, 34/01, 103/01, 43/02, 98/02, 17/03, 40/0385/03 and Constitutional Court
Decision 30/01)


Article 20
(1) The civil servant shall be obliged to keep a state secret and an official secret in a manner and under
conditions stipulated by law and other regulation.
(2) The obligation for keeping an official secret shall be valid for a period of three years after the
termination of the service.

Article 21
The civil servant shall, in accordance with law, be obliged to provide information upon request of the
citizens required for exercise of their rights and interests, except the information referred to in Article 20 of
this Law.