1) Present status of Jehovahs Witnesses' Kingdom Halls taken over by the Sandinistas; 2) Restrictions on the practise of faith by Jehovahs Witnesses in Nicaragua at present; 3) 1989 statistics on refugee status of Nicaraguans and Nicaraguan Jehovahs Witnesses in the United States. [NIC2468]


No information was found among the sources available at present to the IRBDC.

No direct reference to Jehovahs Witnesses was found among the sources available at present to IRBDC. However, according to The Europa World Year Book 1989, Volume II, (Europa Publications Ltd., London: 1989 p.1928) all religions are tolerated in Nicaragua; also, the Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 1983 (U.S. Department of State, Washington, D.C.: February 1989, p.651) indicates that "There are no direct restrictions on religious activity or association, but the regime has a generally hostile attitude toward the Catholic Church,...".

According to statistics published in Refugee Status (May 19, 1989, p. 16,) in the first half of fiscal year 1989, 100 Nicaraguans refugees were admitted in the United States. No breakdown according to religion is given.