1) Is the Birr the same as "Ethiopian dollar" and "Karshi"?2) Information on "Mouvement Somali Galbed. [ETH3123]

1) The Ethiopian unit of currency is the birr, divided into 100 cents. The birr was introduced in 1976 replacing the Ethiopian dollar.
George Thomas Kurian, ed., Encyclopedia of the Third World (New York: Facts on File, Inc., 1987), pp. 674-675.] Birr is an Amharic word, Amharic being the official language and the language of administration. But in Ethiopia, over 70 languages and 200 dialects are spoken. [ Ibid, p. 667.] According to Somali-speaking sources, "Karshi" is a Somali word for birr.

2) We are unable to locate any documentation on "Mouvement Somali Galbed". According to our Somali-speaking contacts, "galbed" in Somali language means "west". The President of Northern Somali Front (WSLF) used to be called Western Somalia Movement. IRBDC is unable to corroborate this view.