Current situation with respect to the Lebanese [CIV8994]

The are currently 150,000 Lebanese living in the Ivory Coast, most of them in cities like Abidjan. They are mainly involved in the trade and real-estate sectors (Reuters 7 June 1991).
During the social crisis of spring 1990, anonymous tracts circulated in Abidjan calling for an improvement in the situation of salaried workers. The same leaflets were accusing Lebanese employers of not respecting labour, tax and custom laws (BBC Summary 13 June 1990). They also called for a two-day strike against Lebanese owned businesses (Reuters 7 June 1990). The government signed an agreement with the Lebanese business-owners and the trade unions which provided for the creation of a commission that would examine employees' demands (BBC Summary 13 June 1990).
Sources available at the IRBDC do not mention any recent incident related to the Lebanese community in the Ivory Coast.

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