Information on World Human Rights Protection Council with headquarters in Colorado [USA10843]

The World Human Rights Protection Council is part of the World Constitution and Parliament Association which was founded in 1968 in order to establish world government and to bring about universal peace (Telephone interview, 12 May 1992). According to the Treasurer, who is also the spouse of the Executive Secretary, the association is "interested" in human rights but does not have the resources to do much. It leaves the "immediate issues syndrome" to active organizations such as Amnesty International (Ibid.).

The Federation of Earth Constitution was adopted by a world constituent assembly in 1977 and has since been ratified by persons from 25 different countries including the presidents of Slovakia [sic] and Namibia as well as several Nobel laureates (Ibid.). The Constitution provides for a parliament of three houses, one of which would be composed of 200 members nominated by universities and churches.

Anyone who is interested can become a member of the World Constitution and Parliament Association. There is a Canadian branch, headed by an 88-year old woman in Mississauga, but it is not effective as the woman is more interested in the World Citizens' Movement (Ibid.).

The IRBDC is unable to corroborate this information at the present time.