Arrest of mass rapes' suspect in Walikale territory, North Kivu

Kinshasa, 05 October 2010 – A joint action carried out by MONUSCO North Kivu Brigade and the Government of DRC, on 05 October 2010 in the region of Walikale resulted in the arrest of “Lt-Col” Mayele, a member of the Mai Mai Cheka group.

“Lt-Col” Mayele is suspected – along with other people – of ordering the mass rapes and other human rights violations which were committed between 30 July and 02 August 2010 in Walikale territory, North Kivu. According to the United Nations Joint Human Rights Office’s preliminary report, a coalition of about 200 Maï Maï Cheka, FDLR, and elements of Colonel Emmanuel Nsengiyumva, former FARDC and ex-CNDP, committed these acts against at least 303 civilians, including 235 women, 13 men, 52 girls and 3 boys.

The action that led to "Lt-Col" Mayele's arrest falls within MONUSCO mandate; to support the Government of DRC in its fight against impunity in general and to bring to justice the perpetrators of these crimes.

The action was executed in close collaboration with the Military Prosecutor Office which has the suspect in its custody now and has charged him of crime against humanity, rapes and lootings.

MONUSCO once again expresses its firm commitment to continue to support the DRC in its efforts to bring to justice and prosecute those responsible for these crimes.