Information on an area in Mogadishu called African Village. [SOM6109]

The Director of Substance Abuse at the Rocksberry Comprehensive Community Health Centre (during a telephone interview with the IRBDC on 26 June 1990) reported that the African Village is located in the Casa Populare sector of Mogadishu. It is a modern apartment complex built in 1974 to accommodate the delegates of the Organization of African Unity (OAU) conference. After the departure of the OAU delegates, the complex was open to government employees. The majority of the tenants were Issaq because they occupied many professional and semi-professional government positions. The source states that since 1980, the number of Issaq tenants has sharply declined, although there may still be some Issaq teachers and clerks employed by the government. At present there are about four or five senior government officials, compared with their higher representation prior to 1976.

During a telephone interview on 25 June 1990, the President of the North Somali Association of Quebec corroborates the above information but stated that after the initial occupation of the African Village by Issaq government employees, members of all the clans were known to have been accommodated there.

A prominent member of the Somali Canadian community in Toronto stated during a telephone interview on 25 June 1990, that the African Village is a residential area housing government employees. He stated that although the majority of residents initially were Issaq employees, he is unaware of the nature of present tenants.

Corroborating information from published sources is currently unavailable to the IRBDC.